The tastiest way to get your daily dose of Mushrooms!

Grass & Co. are proud to launch our new range of functional drinks, packed with potent, high quality functional mushroom extracts, vitamins and adaptogens, these soda based drinks are specifically crafted to help you FOCUS at work, POWER through the afternoon and RELAX into your evening.

  • Better for you than coffee

    Feel more of a buzz than you would after a cup of coffee without the jitters or slump! Liquid FOCUS contains Lions Mane which lasts longer than caffeine, and also doesn't dehydrate you.

  • Natures' solution

    Mushrooms are natures solution to your wellness needs, without any of the synthetic ingredients in conventional supplements. Whether it be Lions Mane for FOCUS or Shiitake for POWER.

  • Delicious tasting

    Our soda style drinks are the best tasting way to enjoy the benefits of functional mushrooms! Our cans are packed with unique recipes of fruits & adaptogens, perfectly mixed to taste great.


What are Nootropic Drinks?

Nootropics are defined as products used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions, and our drinks are packed with them. From Lions Mane & Reishi mushroom extract to Ginseng and vitamin B, we've formulated each of our drinks with powerhouse adaptogens to give you the bubbly pick me up or relaxing moment you need, whatever the time of day. Perfect to enjoy on the go or over ice at home, these drinks will be your new favourite, but don't just take our word for it, keep reading and then try them yourself!

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  • Liquid FOCUS

    Liquid FOCUS is the perfect coffee alternative for work or study.


    Enjoy extra chilled, straight from the can or pour into a highball glass full of ice & garnish with slice of lemon.

  • Liquid RELAX

    Liquid RELAX is ideal for sipping on summer evenings in the garden.


    Enjoy extra chilled, straight from the can or pour into a tumbler, loaded with ice and garnish with a slice of fresh peach.

  • Liquid POWER

    Liquid POWER is you afternoon ally, to boost you through the post lunch lull.


    Enjoy extra chilled, straight from the can or pour in a tumbler style glass, packed with ice and garnish with lime or cinnamon.